Mexico Surf Camp - Frequently asked questions

What is the price?
Our rates are as advertised on our booking page

How do I make a reservation?
Email us your arrival, departure dates and other information. We will confirm availability, provide a quote and advise payment remittance advice.

How big is the surf?
We have rideable surf every day of the year. Biggest swell is typically between April and October. It can get quite small between December and February which is a good time for novice surfers. It is not possible to accurately predict the surf more than 1 week in advance so we can not give detailed information unless at very short notice.

What time do we go surfing?
Typically we will have first surf session very early in the morning. Second session could be also in morning after a 1 hour break for refreshment or in late afternoon.

How do we get to the surf break?
Your surf guide drive you to the surf break and will be knowledgeable of the surfing break.

Do I need to bring my own surfboard?
You can bring your own surf equipment or rent from Villa Tropical. We have an extensive range of boards of all sizes.

What should I take to Mexico?
You should bring everything you would normally bring for a tropical beach holiday. For example, sun glasses, hat, flip flops, sun screen, bathing costume, surfing shorts. We provide a room towel, soap & shampoo but do not provide beach towels.

What is the closest airport:
The closest airport is Lazaro Cardenas (LZC) but this is only served via Mexico City. Most travellers fly to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo international airport (ZIH) which has direct flights from LAX, Calgary, Houston, Dallas, Phoneix and other hub airports.

Flights and Visas:
We do not arrange flights. If an American citizen you do not need a visa to enter Mexico. If you are flying via USA to Mexico then your USA visa is valid in Mexico.

Mexico pesos are used throughout Mexico.

Michoacan has a mild and agreeable tropical climate the whole year round. Average day time air temperatures is 28C°/82F° to 29C°/84F°. There is always a cooling breeze at Mexico Surf Camp Villa.

The water temperatures varies between range from 27C°/81F° to 29C°/84F°. You can wear boardshorts all year but the offshore wind can be a bit cold in winter early mornings when it is advisable to weat a wetuit top.

Shorts, T-shirts and flip flops are the norm. It's hot in the day and people tend to dress casually and comfortably.

Mobile Phones:
Most international phones work in Mexico. The most practical and economic option is to buy a local SIM card at the airport on arrival or in the town of Caleta.

We have a free dial up internet connection. There is a faster service in Caleta. If you have a smart phone you can buy a data sim card and receive GPRS/EDGE service.

The local tap water should not be drunk. We provide drinking water free at our villa.

We are within walking distance of Caleta town and Caleta bay. Nexpa is an 8 minute drive.

Surf Shops:
Very limited surf supplies. Best to bring what you need or rent equipment from us.

What is the maximum number of surfers?
This is a unique boutique surf camp experience limited to 4 surfers at any time.